Hydrogen Skyline wasn’t the best, nor the worst. At the pinnacle, we were likely 55-60% mostly okay. Historically, there were a lot of local band mistakes made and a lot of lessons learned. Hopefully some people were positively impacted by what we managed to accomplish.



Album art © Norman


Transmission 2021

Here we are again in the echoes of retrospect. Two decades passed since the new millennium. Interesting times indeed. That ever-distant horizon continues to close in and yet doesn’t feel like we can get there. Perhaps more search drones are needed to wander through the holograms of the skylines. Hysteria. Spectator Syndrome. Disconnect. asyntaxemotional

Transmission 2019

Some things just don’t work out as expected. Other things flourish. Maybe an amputation, maybe a facelift, or maybe just allowing time to resolve things. If you are chomping at the bit for some new music, check out associated projects from Norman and Mark: Norman ANGLS Cyberkraken DMND WPNS Norman & the Cloud Mark Delvr